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if you're tranny and you know it clap your hands

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FUQT conference (Florida United Queer and Trans) [22 Nov 2006|01:51am]

Is anyone else going to this?Collapse )
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[14 Nov 2006|04:18pm]




On Friday November 24th at Manatee River State Park in Florida through the 26th

I got us the best rate possible cause very lil places had more then 2-3 sites available.....

I got a giant group area site it is listed under the last name of Edvin (andy edvin) and its the group site #2 listed as the Southeast Camp Group!!!!

I told them approx 20-30 people....so I know there is at least 10 of you who want to go....and then you know another 2-3 people who may want to go.....SO LETS DO IT!!!

Everyone who is even 25% interested or if your even 100% sure you can make it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reply w/ your name (full name if you feel comfortable doing so), amount of people you are bringing, if you can provide a ride to someone who may be on the way (given they help out w/ gas money as well) phone number (or just email that Boiorgirl@yahoo.com), email address, and if you are coming for friday saturday and sunday or just saturday and sunday.

If you have extra camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, laterns, etc.) please bring it so that those who may not have any dont have to go spend money on buyin it due to the time of year (ie. holidays) money gets tight. Or even if you have camping gear but are unable to attend and would be able to lend it for someone upon them bein able to pick it up.

At the end of S.R. 320 at the intersection of S.R. 320 and US19 in Chiefland Florida 32626
<The map didnt upload properly> 

So please get back asap so that there is an near exact amount able to be accounted for when I get there.

Its only $4 a night but we may/probably will be going canoe or tubing down the river so if you do have a tube or canoe/kayak and you want to bring feel free obvisouly. And anyone who may need help w/ a ride or financial dont be afraid to ask!

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[19 Oct 2006|02:23pm]

For all those in the southeast....

I'll start off introducing myself...my name is Andy, I'm 18 will be 19 in less then 2 months, and I'm pre-op and pre-t transguy from the tampa bay area of florida.

A few groups have been discussing a campout for about a month away. Looking at weekend of November 17-19th in Central Florida area (ocala/gainseville area).

Everyone welcome....no discrimanation allowed!!

Where exactly is still in the process of being decided....

So right now we just need to see who all would be interested in coming out?
Its a friday, saturday, and sunday....understandable that most work on fridays so if you can still make it saturday and/or sunday only if you cant show on friday. Great way to meet everyone and learn more about one another....

If your interested or have any input please comment and let me know so I can bring it back to the other groups!

X-posted by an ADHD guy named Andy!!!
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[29 Aug 2006|02:49pm]

I need some information!!!

I need help in a few areas regarding my transformation:

I been to physcologists all my life. It started when I was about 4-5yrs old. I was sexually, physically, and emotionally abused by my father. He was charged and is still locked up. Due to a comprise plea he said he did it and they only charged him for attempted. Well there was a court fire (not really explained to me in detail) but his documents were destroyed in it. And then last year he put up a re-trial claiming he was "wrongfully sentenced" usin another later case. But didn't suceed and still appealed it and it was just a mess. The dust has settled there.

But understanding this, with me being young when it happened. Are therapists required to wait longer to start me on T? Or is it on a therapist by therapist basis? And in waiting longer circumstances, how long do most therapists recommend/take?

2. Anyone know any trans therapist that are in the tampa bay area of florida? And if so how long does it usually take with them before they can get you in? And how long before they start talkin about testorone?

3. Approx. how much does the sessions cost? Is it per session/time or by length of time with them overall? (I been under gov't insurance when I was with the normal therapists)

4. Any insurance companies or groups or organzations that help out with the costs? do they help out w/ paying for T? surgerys? 

5. How much does it usually cost for T? and how often?

some background info on me in case it may help.
I'm 18yrs old (19 in Dec.) I have known all my life that I was born wrong. My mother even told me I was suppose to be a guy, she didn't knew what happened when I popped out. (she didn't name me for 2 weeks til the deadline and ended up naming me after a girl she had kissed (her first lesbian experience). When I was 5 I told my moms old roomates son who was the same age "one day I'll be able to piss standin up and not have to wear a shirt outside too." And have pretty much knew since then for sure. Anyways, I've had my share of trouble when I was going through teenage years. I was sent to FLYCA (its a  bootcamp ran on the camp blanding national guard base in Starke, FL.) when I was 16 got out right before my 17th birthday. (I let people walk all over me when I was there and stayed a honory cadet and finally had enough of it and ended up getting into 2 different fights in one day). I had lived with my cousins after leaving and then came back to central florida and lived with my now X-gf Melanie. And then last year in Oct. I had gotten my own place and then sold it this past May and now am living with friends of mine til I can get my own place and working part time making $10 a hour at 22hrs a week doing telesales. I am lookin for as much help as I can seeing I'm the black sheep in my family and no one supports me about being lesbian, except my mom. So then I told her about being male and she is still behind my back. Unfortunatly I am barely making it by as is now so saving up and trying to do anything is hard as hell so now I'm tryin to stick my hand out for help!
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[08 Oct 2005|08:05pm]


So alot of people have been having money issues tryin to find binders...heres a link for those in need

This is a big brother program...in other words they are used but not trash!

Its cheap for those in need!

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[22 Jun 2005|01:52am]


Anyone going to St. Pete Pride this weekend???

* X posted like a mofo on speed*

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Trans Health Fair Oct 16th in Seattle [15 Oct 2004|04:04am]


Transgender Health Fair, October 16th 11 AM – 5 PM

Lifelong AIDS Alliance’s Transgender Resource Center, 1002 Seneca Street and the LGBT Community Center,

1115 E. Pike Street, Seattle

FREE Pap tests, chest/breast exams for FTMs, MTFs, gender queers, and their partners

Have you been thinking about getting an exam, but keep putting it off?

No trans-friendly health care in your area?


Now is the time to take advantage of a free Pap, chest/breast exam for ALL trans people and their partners!

Call 1.888.651.8931 to make an appointment or 206.323.6540 for more info.

Check out all the screenings:

HIV testing

Smoking cessation

Blood pressure

Glucose (diabetes screening)

Drug and alcohol use


Blood clot risks


Plus visit with the naturopath, acupuncturist, and massage therapists!

Come and enjoy workshops and discussions that include:

Financial Planning 11:15 am-12:15 pm: For those interested in improving the management of their daily finances, long term planning, and strategies to plan for surgeries and other methods to achieve financial security. This workshop will be lead by Lonnie Wall, who is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Financial Planner, and was educated at UC Berkeley in accounting.

Trans People of Color Caucus 1 pm -3 pm: Join other members of communities of color for this closed discussion on gender identity. Maybe you participated recently in the people of color retreat or maybe you wanted to go, but were unable to attend. Here is another chance to connect with folks. Topics may include, but are not limited to safe space, the spectrum of gender, and community dialogue around the unique issues faced by trans and gender queer individuals of color. Darius Morrison and dean jackson, two amazing organizers who recently lead discussions on gender identity and the politics of relationships will facilitate

Trans White Ally Caucus 1– 3 pm: Participate in a supportive discussion about privilege and power in our trans communities. How can white transgender, transsexual and gender queer individuals support each other, be strong allies to communities of color and challenge racism? If you were unable to participate in the recent anti-racism training for white folks, please use this opportunity to build existing skills and acquire new tools. This discussion will be facilitated by Roxanne Skelly and Ezra Goetzen.

Educating Providers 3- 4pm: Many of us have taken on the responsibility of showing our doctors and other health care providers how to support us through our transitions. Have you grappled when to fire your provider? Come and share your positive and negative experiences, learn from others, and start discussion of how to create long-term change and support.

Safe Fucking for Genderfuckers 4:15- 5:15 pm: A guided discussion with Philipe Lonestar. We will get down and dirty with the issues of being a genderfucker of any kind and negotiating and eroticizing safer sex. Bring ideas, concerns and creative ways you have been (or not been) a safe genderfucker. Respectful Allies welcome.

Philipe Lonestar is a femme boy living in Olympia. Philipe is a filmmaker, photographer, seamstress, graphic designer & sex educator. His films have screened internationally. Currently, Philipe works as an advocate for Survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence and does artistic and theatrical sexual assault prevention work with college students at the Evergreen State College. He loves orange, clothespins and his cats Tumbleweed & Sassy.

Roundtable on Hormones 4:15- 5:15 pm: Some of us take a standard hormone dose, others of us have altered our doses depending upon a variety of issues and ideas, still others choose not to use hormones or eventually stop taking them. Discuss with each other the different perspectives on hormone use. Several members from the transgender, transsexual, and gender queer communities will begin the conversation by sharing their experiences. You are invited to participate in this lively and provocative dialogue.
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[17 Feb 2004|11:05pm]

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New Community Group [25 Jan 2004|08:57am]

[ mood | happy ]

I know that from my prospective that we need more support groups for mtm members so there is a new group that is doing that! it is called mtf_spa_room mtf_spa_room this is so we can relax and socialise to each other and to have fun, tell our stories and events that is happening around the world. The good thing is that some ftm would like to join us and so they can! This is a friendly place to help everyone. It's like the ftm_leather_bar, but in a spa room for us all!

So if you want to join in please do!

Love always

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Disposable People [05 Jan 2004|06:04pm]

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X Post Putting the finishing touches on the ftm_leather_bar [19 Nov 2003|06:33am]

Polishing the mugs and shot glasses,

turning on the dim lights,

checking the supply of Beer Nuts,

plugging in the video poker machines,

plugging in and bunching in my favorite gender bender song on the juke box.

and unlocking the doors.

The ftm_leather_bar is open for business.

I'll be your Barkeep. My name is Menace. What'll it be?
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Xposted WOO FREAKIN' HOO! ! ! ! ! ! ! [06 Nov 2003|03:13pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I can’t believe how great I feel! I had to take a couple of hours before I could sit still to type it all out. I had my consultation with the plastic surgeon today about the possibility of getting a breast reduction. I was very honest with the doctor about my desire to have a more masculine looking chest and even talked to him about having been born with ambiguous genitalia. I also let him know that the size of my breasts have kept me very over weight from trying (and successfully even with him at first) to disguise them as just fat boy boobs (compounding the problems I have with high blood pressure high cholesterol and diabetes) I told him that I may be able to loose the weight after the breasts are gone, but that I had lost down to 175 lbs and had gotten sexual attention from men that my childhood molest issues made more than just uncomfortable for me. I let him know that my chiropractor had adjusted me several times and said that it was my breasts that kept putting my back out between my shoulders. I also told him that I knew my medi_cal wouldn’t pay for a breast removal based on gender preference alone so if all I could get was a reduction, then I would settle for what I could get. He examined me measured me took some before pictures and talked to me at length about the post surgical stuff as well as how I would like my chest to look when we finished. Then he told me that he was going to give me a male chest if medi_cal puts their OK on the need for a reduction. I swear I floated out of there. I was so happy with just the possibility of these damn things being gone before next summer’s heat. The heat waves we’ve gone through here this year were awful. I keep thinking about how I will be able to sit at my desk with no shirt on and the back door hanging open to let the breeze in without worrying about someone seeing my tits. Sammie her sister and her niece all try to assure me that I have nothing they haven’t seen before but it just feels really creepy to think of them seeing me with these damn boobs hanging in front of me.

OK Rob now I want to know all about your diet. Please send all the info you can to my email if you would.

And For all you Medi_cal covered FTMs here’s the Doctor’s information

Douglas S. Patton M.D. F.A.C.S
1320 Webster
Oakland Ca 94609

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New List: OutForDean - Transgender [20 Aug 2003|12:46am]

Hi everyone!

There's a new Yahoo Group for transpeople and our allies who are interested
in and supportive of Howard Dean's candidacy for President. It's owned by
Temenos and OUTForDean owner David Mariner, and co-moderated by Angela
Britfether and myself.

We hope to discuss transgender-relevant issues and politics, as well as how
we as transpeople can take more of an active role in the Dean Campaign,
both in terms of helping Gov. Dean become our next President, and in having
our community and our issues gain a greater public presence in the
campaign. Please join us if you have an interest!


Hope to see you there!

Go Dean!

Peace and Power,


Copyright © 2003 Rebecca Juro

Becky's Blog

Read Becky's column at:

EXP Gayzette

Rehoboth Beach Gayzette

Transgender Forum


Outlet Radio Network
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[09 Jun 2003|02:41pm]

Please forward / post in any relevant communities!!!!
Sorry for the cross-posting.

gender_petitionGender_Petition Help make Livejournal.com officially friendlier to gender variant / genderqueer / trans identities!!!

This community has been created as a petition to the maintainers of Livejournal.com to request listing more than male and female as gender options in the information / profile listings. This community / petition is for people of all genders.

Livejournal.com currently has close to 1,000 users who list transgender as a personal interest, (and this list is growing daily!) There are also well over 200 communities that address gender variance and relevant identities. Even if you identify as strictly male or female, your membership shows support for other people being able to express their gender identity. After all, Livejournal.com is about being able to express yourself.

By joining this community, you are effectively signing this petition to show support for listing more than two gender options in livejournal profiles / info.

Once you have joined the community, you will be able to suggest what other options you think should be listed and participate in further discussion of the topic. Once we have a significant number of members, this community will be directed to the maintainers of Livejournal.com, asking them to expand the current gender options.

Thank you, and please – forward the information about this communities existence!
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a new pride icon [03 Jun 2003|04:20am]

[ mood | creative ]

This is my new LJ F2M pride Icon. It's my art work and I wanted everyone to know it's free for the taking. Enjoy

please note i do know about that peptobismol pink triangle that has the male, female and the crossed male. I just hate that it still centers on the female. OK so I hate the pink too. any way here it is.

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an introduction [30 May 2003|01:50am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hi everybody. Just getting my feet wet with this whole live journal thing. thanks for having such a great group. I'm a 43 year old FTM who hasn't had top surgery and other than an emergency hysterectomy no bottom surgery to speak of either. My blood sugar, pressure and cholesterol are to high for any DR to OK T so I'll have to face life without a yetty face, thank goodness I already have a pretty high T rate of my own. at least I can still pass as a male without it. But I do have a referral for a boob reduction (it's as close as I can get with my insurance.)I have AIM with the same name if anyone would care to chat. I'm pretty much a night person. I tend to head for the sheets just as the sun starts peeking over the sierra mountains. Any way hope to get to know some of you guys. holler any time.


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Transsexual Stands Proud in a Land of Conformity [04 May 2003|07:24pm]

Read more...Collapse )
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[22 Apr 2003|08:28pm]


I wanted there to be a safe place out there for people who identified as bois. Whether that be bio, or trans, genderqueer, or boidyke. We all are bois, and we should all get along. So this is a place to post our issues about passing/not passing, our issues with pronouns, our issues with other trans people not seing us as trans or not. Here we are. We are all real bois. Let's celebrate shall we?

I set up this community for anyone who is a boi... mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, it doesn't matter here. No matter what you look like on the outside, no matter what you were born, no matter if your nose grows when you lie, you will be accepted here.

Sorry for the cross post.
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[17 Apr 2003|09:21pm]


We just saw the most awesome amazing fabulous tv short, called Blue Haven.
It was the most adorable story about an MTF EVER. It was adorable. If you're interested:

Channel 322 Blue Haven, HBO Comedy-West, 11:40pm Central time.

"Skateboarders search for money so one of them can get a sex change operation."

Stephan's taping it, so if you're near us, or in milwaukee visiting, you can definitely watch it with us. We have never before seen a non-homophobic trans movie.
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[30 Mar 2003|02:53am]

Sorry for the cross post. I'm working on my book... The working title is "The Queer Everything." It's going to be sort of like Raymond Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft, only for queers.
I'm working on an outline and I was wondering if you all had any suggestions.

It's going to encompass sexuality, gender identity, transgender, and many more issues that plague the queer community. I'm taking suggestions from Queer and Straight people alike, and anyone else who has any input. So if you have any suggestions, leave me a message here. :) Thanks

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